How to choose Web host

Web hosting is necessary to make your site accessible on the internet. You have 2 options for doing web hosting: free and paid. In free web hosting, you can customize your site but you cannot get your own domain name, however, in paid hosting, everything will be taken care of by the company and you will get your own domain name once you pay the amount. While choosing a web host you need to keep three things in mind: support, security and speed. There are several other factors as well for how to choose a web host.

  1. How much hand holding you need:

Generally customer services of any web hosting company provides access to emails, chats, tickets and calls. Turnaround time varies with the company. Some companies give customer support for 24 hours.

  1. Amount of traffic you want:

The hosting charges depend on the storage and bandwidth usage. If you want less people to visit your site, then bandwidth will be low and if you want more people to visit your site then bandwidth will be more. So if your page or website gets ranked on the top on google then obviously you need a large bandwidth. So in this case you need to be honest. With less bandwidth, the page will not survive if you want to make a big website.

  1. Server types:

Another factor for how to choose a Web host is server type. Basically there are 3 types of servers:

Shared servers: In this one server box runs hundreds of websites so the load will be more. Therefore, the performance of your website will totally be dependent on the load of the server. It is also known as shared hosting which has many limitations.

Dedicated servers: If you do not want shared hosting then go for dedicated hosting in which the one box is dedicated to you. It is comparatively better than shared hosting in terms of load which will be beneficial for your site.

Cloud servers: These are the best choice as they run on heavy cloud servers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon web services. They can take too much of a load without affecting the performance of the websites. You just need to pay more money to the company.

  1. Portable content management system:

This factor is important so your site is not locked to the hosting company to get the additional features as the technology, hosting plans, management keeps changing with time. Do check regular updates and take site backup to have access to your data always.

So here are some important factors for how to choose a Web host. Always compare the features and service provided by the web hosting companies.

Why is SEO important for your website’s growth?

SEO is an important tool in digital marketing and business which is done online. It is the process of optimizing the use of search engine and also helps the websites in achieving higher rankings which prove them to be more productive and beneficial than other websites. In order to build your online presence, it is important to strengthen the SEO of your website.

Websites with high ranks will be more useful for people’s research and they appear first when we search for some particular answer on Google and we will be provided with some organic results. Hence SEO plays a vital role in today’s digital marketing. As long as you post new and fresh contents and posts on your website regularly, you will be able to make your SEO game much stronger every day.

This entire process of search engine optimization will help in increasing the quality of the websites by making it user friendly and also makes the navigation easy for us. For our website to be successful and productive, it is necessary for us to have proper idea about how SEO works and follow the guidelines provided in order to exercise SEO.

Today most of the businesses rely on digital marketing in order to gain some good attention of the people online and also, they can be more creative and productive. It is a competitive market now. The businesses who have really understood the SEO strategies can survive for a long time in the market.

There are many websites which will be providing us with various information and ideas about a single product or service. In this case, we can depend on only those websites which have good rankings comparatively and also, we will get organic results. In order to get organic results, it is important to produce fresh content which is filled with your own ideas and creativity.

It is important to study a lot about the ongoing SEO methods which will help you to improve your websites as well as keep up with the latest search engine algorithms which will help you to increase your number of leads. This can be done with the help of strong content marketing on social media and other digital platforms. It also helps to increase your website’s SEO.

Do intense keyword research. It is important to stay ahead of the competition if you want to be powerful in this digital world. Doing fresh keyword research from time to time will help you to separate your business form others and taking help of various online marketing strategies will also help you to improve your website’s rankings online which will ultimately increase your site’s SEO.

Best Tools for API

API testing is a kind of software testing that needs to be done for developing APIs for accomplishing the built application’s functionality, execution, security, and trustworthiness. It predominantly focuses on the business layer software architecture. Testing is the crucial portion of succeeding in the continuous integration and DevOps application’s operations. It doesn’t matter if you are an API Newbie or an expert on an Intractable deadline where you have a gamut of services for helping you bring your API from concept to production when it comes to API development tools. Below are the best tools for API.

Soap Ul

Testing Your First REST API In SoapUI

SoapUl is a prominent API testing tool for testing web services where it can be able to check both SOAP web services as well as restful web services. SoapUl is available as an open-source and Pro version, however, the Pro version has got additional functionality. It is based on Java where it works on the majority of the operating systems where it can easy to learn and use reliable for all.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is an automation testing tool for Web, API, and Mobile. It is regarded as an emerging testing tool and the best in the automation area. However, it works as end-to-end testing tools for testers and developers, supports all kinds of SOAP, Rest Requests. Works with a framework such as BDD cucumber where testing approach in which the written test cases are in natural languages by helping conveyance between business stakeholders and technical human resources. This tool has got built-in integrations with Jenkins, JIRA, Slack, Docker, and qTest.


Postman is a kind of tool it can perform both building and testing API. It can be open-source and can be easy to install. Postman workspace has its features like new, import, runner, my workspace, invite, collections, request tab, HTTP request, and save. Write and run tests for every request using JavaScript. So, while testing API in Postman, you can choose to require HTTP methods like GET, PUT, POST. Also, even you can use manage environments features from Postman for giving the input value from any API result. Postman is the API development tools.


What is Swagger? And Why Do You Need it for your Project? -

Swagger is the best API tools for designing, building, and test APIs. Swagger tools are both open source and pro, where it has helped millions of developers and testers for delivering great API. So, you can also test APIs on the cloud, support all types of services like REST, SOAP. SwaggerHub is the platform where you can design and document with Open API.

The above-mentioned tools are the ideal ones to choose for testing when it comes to API development tools. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best tools for API. Thanks for reading!