Web hosting is necessary to make your site accessible on the internet. You have 2 options for doing web hosting: free and paid. In free web hosting, you can customize your site but you cannot get your own domain name, however, in paid hosting, everything will be taken care of by the company and you will get your own domain name once you pay the amount. While choosing a web host you need to keep three things in mind: support, security and speed. There are several other factors as well for how to choose a web host.

  1. How much hand holding you need:

Generally customer services of any web hosting company provides access to emails, chats, tickets and calls. Turnaround time varies with the company. Some companies give customer support for 24 hours.

  1. Amount of traffic you want:

The hosting charges depend on the storage and bandwidth usage. If you want less people to visit your site, then bandwidth will be low and if you want more people to visit your site then bandwidth will be more. So if your page or website gets ranked on the top on google then obviously you need a large bandwidth. So in this case you need to be honest. With less bandwidth, the page will not survive if you want to make a big website.

  1. Server types:

Another factor for how to choose a Web host is server type. Basically there are 3 types of servers:

Shared servers: In this one server box runs hundreds of websites so the load will be more. Therefore, the performance of your website will totally be dependent on the load of the server. It is also known as shared hosting which has many limitations.

Dedicated servers: If you do not want shared hosting then go for dedicated hosting in which the one box is dedicated to you. It is comparatively better than shared hosting in terms of load which will be beneficial for your site.

Cloud servers: These are the best choice as they run on heavy cloud servers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon web services. They can take too much of a load without affecting the performance of the websites. You just need to pay more money to the company.

  1. Portable content management system:

This factor is important so your site is not locked to the hosting company to get the additional features as the technology, hosting plans, management keeps changing with time. Do check regular updates and take site backup to have access to your data always.

So here are some important factors for how to choose a Web host. Always compare the features and service provided by the web hosting companies.

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