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What is Artificial Intelligence

In this post we will discuss all about artificial intelligence. Hope you will enjoy it. Artificial Intelligence is a computer’s ability to reduce anybody to whom it can be tasked. Today is the time of artistic technology is changing and technologies are becoming fast and last. Artificial Intelligence is a technological success today and due to this technology is fast and smart. Our computers use artificial intelligence. It consists of literacy, racing and salvage prevention. It’s a mechanism that works itself.

Artificial Intelligence Definition

Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer that works like human beings on the basis of intelligence machine.

Example of Artificial Intelligence

*Robot with AI

Artificial intelligence future

As everyone knows that we are living in a period where daily technology changes, the old ends and new ones. Computers will overtake humans with AI within the next 100 years. When that happens, we need to make sure the computer have goals aligned with ours.

  • The central goals AI research include reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, perce ption and the ability to move and manipulate objects.
  • As a minimum, an AI system must be able to reproduce aspects of human intelligence.
  • This raises the issue of how ethically the machine should behave towards both humans and other Artificial intelligence agents.

Some Artificial Intelligence Futures are:

  • Cyborg technology
  • Automated Transportation
  • Taking Over Dangerous Jobs
  • Solving Climate Change
  • Robot as Friends
  • Improved elder Care
  • Robot as Soldier
  • Fast the computer system
  • Big Data ROI
  • Functional Specialist
  • AI arms race
  • Responsible AI

But we can’t compete human intelligence with AI.

Applications of artificial intelligence

There are many big industries in the world. Which are consuming millions dollars by paying employees salary. They are worried about this. That’s why they rely on AI. In 2022. They will spend dollars on Robot and get rid of from employees salary.

10 Common Applications of AI are given below

  • AI in Banking
  • AI in Recruitment
  • AI in Agriculture
  • AI in Health Care
  • AI in Transit
  • AI in Managing Medical Records and Other Data
  • AI in Digital Consultation
  • AI in Virtual Nurses
  • AI in Drug Creation
  • AI in Hoteling

Artificial Intelligence Examples

Now a days, Artificial intelligence is the best topic about new technology. It has importance in the technology field. Big companies, experts and industries use this technology. We can’t denial the demand of the AI. If you are also searching for what are artificial intelligence then here examples are given.


Iphone and Ipad is the big company they use this technology named as siri. Which talk to customer in the female voice. She assists customers to find information, make voice call, give information and many more.


Tesla is another example of AI which is use in the automobiles. Tesla is very good technology you should use this technology in your auto mobiles.


Cogito is the technology which is used in customer support representatives.


Netflix is the big country which use this technology to maintain the records of movies, reactions, accounts, and backup


Pandora is the used in the DNA of music recommending the track record of recommending songs.


Google is smart today as compared to previous years. It is also using AI.

  • Boxever
  • Flying Drones
  • Smart Cars
  • Purchase Prediction
  • Fraud Detection
  • Online Customer Support
  • News Generation
  • Security Surveillance
  • Music and Movie Recommendation Services
  • Smart Home Devices
  • AI: Serving Millions Daily
  • Google’s AI Prediction
  • Ridesharing Apps like Uber and Lyft
  • Commercial Flights Use an AI Autopilot

So we can Say that without artificial Intelligence we can’t groom ourselves. Because we are use this technology for our success.

Watch the video of Honda Asimo Robot. It is the effective example or Artificial Intelligence.

Advantages of artificial intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence helps us to find error detection in our system. AI can work faster and find error faster than a human. It do its work correctly.
  • Due to Complexity in the system and huge of information and records it is difficult to work properly but AI can do it.
  • We can take work from AI by giving an order then it will work automatic without any force. Siri, Cogito etc. helps us in daily application.
  • It can do any dangerous job. Like we can use AI in the form of robot in the war. We can assume that in 2050 robot will work as a soldier in armies and war.
  • All work will be faster, proper and correct. In organizing and maintaining the record will easy by using artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence disadvantage

  • Due to hiring of robot for work unemployment will increase. Number of jobs will decreased in all fields. People will poor. There will no value of human due to this situation.
  • Using robot in war will make the world dangerous. It will show the scene of Judgment. It is not good for us so it is big disadvantage of artificial intelligence.
  • Artificial intelligence is very high costly. No common man afford it. So it is very expensive technology.
  • No anyone can replace human because machines have no emotions, no feelings. They perform just by its program. They cannot take decision they will do their work.
  • In the industry and company, there will no improvement in the progress or working. Because AI can’t take experience with time. Artificial Intelligence will do its programmed work every time.

We cannot compete with the natural things and Allah’s made things. Because He is the creator of us and we are creatures of Him. Hope you enjoyed this topic please share it on your facebook ID, Google+, twitter, Pinterest and other social sites. For more details, update and new topics please keep visiting our website

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