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Windows 11 Release Date,Features,Concept,Specification,Update,News,Install free

Everyone in this technology world waiting for latest windows 11.The technical community getting tired of the old windows 10 and want to use new Windows 11 with a new graphical interface.The technical people like you who love technology and want to use fast windows with beautiful graphics waiting for that kind of new windows 11 or 12. The news about the latest PC windows is that may be the Microsoft will not release the latest Windows 11 they probably think that to release the Microsoft Windows 12.But it is expecting that the new windows will be windows 12 from the Microsoft.But it should be the windows 11 time.Recently, the American super multinational based in Redmond (VA), Microsoft, has revealed the code or key name that will carry its future operating system that will be available in 2016, Windows 11. Although Windows 10 made its official debut in the second half of the In the current year, the company founded by Bill Gates is already fast working and developing his immediate successor.

Windows 11 Release Date and Specification

Microsoft has announced that the new update comes may be on October 17 or end of 2018, if they getting late then it will be released at the start of 2019 and with it we can enjoy some extraordinary features such as Windows Inking, which allows users to use digital ink directly in PDF documents that can help you a lot in your office world or other work. Also the photo or pictures and gallery tool has been completely changed and contain more editing tools to be able to tell stories with photos, videos, the new digital ink and 3D videos and this will help you a lot in your images world and hope you will get more fans or like on different social media profiles like facebook Instagram and Twitter. Gaming also has its share of attention in the new Fall Creators Update, with the new Game mode it is expecting that Windows 11 will be the best ever windows for kids or games lover.

Windows 11 Concept

Thanks to him we can enjoy the computer processor in the same way as if it were an Xbox console, enjoying Xbox Play Anywhere titles, among which stand out Cuphead, Forza Motorsport 7, Super Lucky’s Tale and Middle-earth: Shadow of War. With the new Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, we will also be able to enjoy maximum security thanks to an improved Windows powerful Defender, which is now more and very efficient against threats such as unpleasant malware, ransomware or especially violent exploits such as those known this year in the style of Wanna Cry.Microsoft takes time betting on augmented reality, one of the great examples is Hololens. And is that the Fall Creators Update will be specially designed to take full advantage of this technology. With augmented reality in the new update, called Windows Mixed Reality, users will fully immerse themselves in the experience, without being limited to the size of a screen or mobile.You only have to put on your helmets and connect them to the PC to start. Microsoft recalls that there are already many manufacturers that offer glasses and augmented reality helmets compatible with Mixed Reality, Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo, available from $ 300. We just need to know the route and final cost of Hololens in our country, for which we will still have to wait.

Windows 11 Features & News

As the company has already announced on their website and also social media pages directly, the key or official name of the Windows 11 operating system to be released next year will be codenamed Redstone, a chosen name of an element belonging to the famous Minecraft video game, which was acquired last year.For now it is completely unknown how the design of this version of Windows will be launched next year, as well as the new features that will be introduced. However, if we consider that Windows 10 promised a truly and great remarkable change, this is to be expected from its successor, albeit with more “moderate” modifications, as it is exposed in the British technology website Channel EYE.Now, with regard to the official release date of Windows 11 with the name of Redstone, everything seems to point out that it would occur in the course of 2016, coinciding with Windows Server 2016 and its official debut in the market. There is the absolute certainty at present that Windows 10 has been completely revised as an operating platform, offering a robust system that has introduced fundamental changes that its followers were crying out for, as in the case of the return of the start menu button that had disappeared with the inception of its predecessor, Windows 8. As already mentioned, an update and revision of the size of Windows 10 will not be seen next year in Windows 11, is all that is known so far. But hey, the best thing is that now you know that when you read or hear about Redstone, you will know perfectly that it will be making direct reference to Windows 11, the next Microsoft operating system that will see the light of day during the next year.Now need your suggestion about the upcoming Windows 11 update what kind of tool you want in windows 11 you can type in comment section.Our website notify you when Windows 11 officially released drop your email thanks for visiting

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